JT shares 2013 new product launches

Date:8/14/2019 4:09:25 PM

JT shares 2013 new product launches in December 7, 2012 at Jin Tuo Industrial Park was held. The promotion will be a total including Flextronics, BYD and other electronic products manufacturing enterprises more than 40 participants, including participants from Beijing, Changchun, Shaanxi customer representatives, attended by business executives and engineers, more than 100 people.

Jin extension as an electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises, since 1997 created so far, and now owns three series of products, electronic assembly equipment, vision inspection equipment and solar cell production equipment. The new product launches, the main launch line-type 600 Series vision testing equipment, off-twin Table visual inspection equipment, high-end KT series lead-free reflow soldering equipment and high-end US series lead free wave soldering equipment.

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New 600 Series AOI release, once again confirms the "impulsive pioneering and innovative unlimited" business philosophy. The device has a new visual system, a powerful SPC software features to enhance the "characteristic vector analysis" algorithm.

In addition the company developed the world's first offline pair Table visual inspection equipment, which can detect two different types of PCB, flexible response to two different product lines; Dual Table achieve non-stop machine interaction into the board test, saving to take plates and put the plate time, significantly improve the production efficiency.

New lead-free reflow soldering equipment KT series has the following features: full control of oxygen concentration, efficient heating capacity, super warm temperature range capability, rapid cooling, low outlet temperature, rapid thermal recovery performance, dual two-speed control technology, flux recovery skilled, low-furnace shell surface temperature, low power consumption; US series wave soldering equipment is highlighted selective spraying, high preheat capabilities, heavy rail transport capacity and a low amount of oxidation dross four advantages, making this device by the customer all ages; promotion after the end, the guests visited the fresh extension of production workshop, assembly workshop in Taiwan and Taiwan saw a new device offline, everyone is fresh extension in the field of electronics assembly equipment and proud achievements shocked!

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