JT shares Suzhou new product launches

Date:8/14/2019 4:09:07 PM

        May 24, 2013, sunny, beautiful Taihu Lake, the domestic first-class electronic equipment companies JT AG Taihu International Conference Centre in the new product launches. From across the well-known electronics manufacturers terminal operators and SMT industry elite gathered together to observe and participate in the company's major activities.

       JT since its inception in 1997, has always been to develop high-end sophisticated electronic equipment for office equipment, the company will always give top priority to product development and technological innovation, and constantly create sophisticated equipment users worldwide for the development of China's SMT electronics manufacturing contributed a great power.


Meeting scheduled at 14:00 pm, Zhang presided over by the company's business manager, general manager Chen Jiexin first, the company's sales director Mr. Xu Deyong product areas involved in long-term development and future layout, and to the themes of the conference speech; in the new promotion conference, the company brings 3 main series of products, namely: 3DSPI automatic solder paste detector, AOI automated optical visual detector, KT and US high-end series reflow soldering series Lead welding equipment.

Manager of the company Mr. Huang Zixiao, AOI Services Manager Mr. Zheng Xiaoyong, and Assistant Director of Sales Mr. Sheng Tsai long for this meeting launched a new product: Based on the sinusoidal fringe white light technology, 3D PMP automatic solder paste inspection equipment (JT 3D SPI -600), the new 5-megapixel, strobe & RGB + W programmable control light AOI automated optical detector (JTA-600) and KT, US CELL series welding products and explained in detail reports. After the report, the scene also carried out of the machine mounting presentations, delegates from around the world watched carefully to bring innovative products to companies, and agreed to give praise. Technology or innovation,

Evergreen corporate life and sustainable development is inseparable from technological innovation, JT company always uphold such a service concept, through 16 years of development and growth, the company operating the product, the service has been in the industry leading dominance. "JT" brand has been firmly established, widely distributed in the country, to the world!
After the meeting, the company held a sumptuous four-star hotel reception appreciation

dinner, and arranged a rich sweepstakes. I believe with "JT" human assiduously, Yong Yu explore innovative ideas diligence in the next 3 to 5 years, JT shares will be a new starting point towards a higher!


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